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Become a certified coach & trainer for the New Earth

START 22/2/2022

Training to become a consciousness trainer


The Awakened Leader Training


This is the NEW era of coaching. Become an awakening mentor for others.

Are you ready to co- create a new world?

In 2020 a new EPOCHE of mankind has begun. This year 2021 we will go from “I” to “WE”.

One of the greatest times of transformation of the present has begun.

Let us shine a new light on this earth together as LIGHTWORKERS and warm people's hearts through our BEING there. Lightworkers are the coaches of the new GENERATION HUMAN BEING. Lightworkers who unite HEART and INTUITION.

YOU are not here without reason, because YOU are the most valuable part of this MOVEMENT in our NEW WORLD. We are shifting our consciousness from 3D to 5D.

As the space holder of this new time, you are called NOW to usher in this new ERA of consciousness.

Never before in human history has our society been so receptive to change AS NOW.

At the NEW EARTH Academy you will be trained as a CONSCIOUSNESS TRAINER in order to open your own space for CONSCIOUS DEVELOPMENT with the transition to 2022.

We learn with each other, from each other and pass all the OLD WISDOM KNOWLEDGE on to others through our service.

NO WOOWOO - we embody Down to Earth spirituality and have both feet on earth


Humans appear to be the only creatures for whom existence without purpose is MEANINGLESS… I believe there are 2 exceptional days in every life…the day we are BORN, and the day on which we UNDERSTAND our PURPOSE.  
 What is important? What is essential?  WHAT DO YOU LIVE FOR ?

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We are temporarily re-opening the New Earth Academy...Apply to see if you are a good fit

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